Domestic installations come in all shapes and sizes, front Pitched Roof to Flat Roof to Ground Mount, from 1kw to 30kw installations.

Solar PV technology has moved on, not only with the technology of the panels and accessories to maximise your Solar, but also with installation methods which allow many more installs to be possible than before.

Designing the system to both maximise the performance of the system, but also equally as important, designing the system to maximise your self-consumption are key elements when looking at having Solar PV Installed.

Whilst this may sound complicated, it honestly isn’t and with our guidance you will easily be able to understand the best way to fit Solar to your property.

There is a variety of domestic Solar Panels available, and often this is the area customers find most confusing, partly due to the amount of options but also because most companies are tied to a panel and will push this panel as the “Best “.

ECH is not tied to any products, we can openly explain the benefits and burdens of any panel to you so you can make an informed decision as to the “Best” panel for you.

A simple tip – The higher the efficiency and the longer the warranty, the better than panel is.

Feel free to give us a call, we are happy to chat with you and assure you, there will be no Sales conversation, just honest and open advice.

Solar doesn’t work for all properties or all circumstances, a simple conversation will establish whether Solar is something you should be considering for your property.